Service Repair Tips for Your Trucks and Car

Men checking the hood of car

As technology advances and continues to become more complicated and sophisticated as well, some basic tips will never grow old and will remain useful as long as the autos and trucks have wheels on them.

Some of these tips concerns on how you use your trucks or cars. Some deals with how you take care of them, whether you have it check up weekly on what’s under the hood or a regular maintenance look from your local repair shops.

Read and pick a new thing or two that will prolong your autos life.

  • Drive smoothly rather than going for a quick start. It saves you gas in the long run.
  • Air filters must be regularly checked. You’re not getting the most out of your engine if it’s dirty.
  • Always check for leaks. Check the engines, radiator, external cooling system (if you have one). Be sure to have it looked, repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
  • Oil is your ride’s blood. It can’t run well when the oil is not taken care of and maintained properly. Having it check will help you on cold starts in winter.
  • Oil additives also help. They can protect your engine from wear and tear, and saves oil consumption as well.
  • Always have your car or truck go under a fuel system cleaning. This will help remove the gunk that accumulates on the insides as you continually use your trucks.
  • Engine coolants can be lifesavers during extreme temperatures. It helps prevent overheating and also freezing during overly cold days.
  • Make sure your brakes are as sure as they were when they were new. Having it looked and inspected at least 2 times a year is a good rule of the thumb. But your mileage may vary.

Now that may not be everything, but it keeps the basics and some important advanced stuff in check. Having a regular visit on your local shop will solve whatever minor maintenance you got.

Truck Leasing: Consider Everything First!

When beginning to drive semi, there are a few different ways you can start. Some begin by working for a company that supplies the trucks. The trucks are owned by the companies and the repairs and everything go through the company. Another way is by purchasing your own truck. This can sometimes take quite a bit of money down and all expenses are put on you. The final option is to truck leasing. Although if you are going to lease a truck, you want to make sure that you cover all of your bases.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking into leasing a truck.

  • First of all you want to make sure your employer will be paying you enough weekly that you can pay your weekly payments as well as any other costs that might be involved. Also keep in mind additional fees. These might be insurance costs etc. If you own or are leasing your own truck, and are not driving your employers company truck, you are liable for your own taxes. Keep records and stay on track of this yourself.

Also, the fact that you own or are leasing your own truck can make you an owner operator and can sometimes effect whether or not you qualify for employee benefits. Find out from your employer what changes your leasing contract may make to your employment.

  • Find out who pays for repairs and maintenance? Sometimes a truck leasing company will ask you to chip in so much for repairs. Sometimes these costs are lumped into your weekly payments. Be sure to ask about how much you will have to pay before they cover the rest? If these minimums are high, you may end up paying for most of the repairs. Some leasing companies provide full service options, in which case, as long as you bring the truck to one of their truck repair shops, the maintenance and repairs are covered.
  • Take some time to look into the truck leasing company’s history and track record. You may be stuck with this company for a few years, so make sure you feel comfortable working with them in the long run. On this note, also find out if there are any hidden or additional fees for terminating your lease. Also ask if there is a buy-out option for your lease or if this is something you may want to look into.
  • Be sure to read over your truck leasing contract thoroughly before signing and committing. If you have questions, be sure to ask! The last thing you want is unexpected expenses or clauses, because you failed to understand the document. Contact a lawyer to take a look over the contract as well so you are confident that the contract is solid.
  • Find out the minimum and maximum kilometers required for the lease. You will want to stay within these numbers. If you go over or under these numbers, the truck leasing company may charge you.
  • Just as finding the right truck leasing company is important, so is finding the right truck. When looking for your truck, be sure that it will handle the jobs that your employer plans to send you on. The quality of truck is important – be sure you are considering the weight of your usual loads and the terrain that you will be typically driving through, and the speed you will be traveling. Also, what is the gas mileage like and are you saving the most you can.

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